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Description of classes:

Pole dance / Tankotanssi
Pole dance is an effective form of exercise that develops strength, flexibility, balance and body control. Pole dancing is a sport that suits everybody regardless of age or physique.

Silks & Hoop
Beginner class / Alkeet: At this level you will learn the basics of aerial silks and hoop. Wear longs trousers and a long sleeved shirt or T-shirt. No zippers or jewelry!

Intermediate to advance / Jatko: For advanced students who know the basics of Silks & Hoop.

Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga lessons are instructed in Finnish. This is a slow paced class where you are free to relax. In this class we use fabrics that hang from the ceiling. The hammock supports body weight and it can also be used to create more challenging yoga poses. Aerial Yoga class consists of relaxation, strength, flexibility and tricks sequences. No earlier experience needed.  No zippers or jewelry!

Hammock Tricks
This is a more fast paced class where we utilize aerial hammocks. Hammock tricks class consists of warm up, tricks sequence and stretching.  Hammock tricks is a fun way to increase strength, flexibility and stamina.  No zippers or jewelry!

We have three climbing walls in different difficulty levels. No ropes or harnesses are needed, so the climber can advance in their own pace. Climbing can be done during free training classes (in Finnish: Oma Treeni).

In Tankotaivas you can learn all of these sports under skilled and motivated instructors. No earlier experience needed for beginner’s classes! We offer instruction in Finnish and English. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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